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Everyone seems to be spending more and more time outdoors and I am, too. I set up a great outdoor living space but what I really needed to make it complete was music.

I did some research and decided to purchase some good quality speakers that could withstand being outdoors while still providing decent sound. I found that and more in the Definitive Technology AW6500 outdoor speakers.

I started by deciding on my budget. I found that if you put some good money into a pair of outdoor speakers you’ll get more than your money’s worth in return. Sure, you can spend less than a hundred dollars on speakers but you’ll certainly be disappointed with both the sound and the quality. In fact, if you buy inexpensive speakers you’ll end up replacing them year after year because they won’t hold up to the outdoor weather. Replacing speakers can get expensive and it’s also annoying. You don’t want to end up entertaining a group of guests and find out that your speakers are broken! Instead, I’d rather invest in a pair of speakers that are going to hold up.


What to Look for When Buying Outdoor Speakers

There are a few things to look for when shopping for outdoor speakers. Reviewing the most important things will allow you to more easily make a comparison between different options. Some of the factors to consider include

  • Sound quality
  • Speaker design and size (wall mount, table top)
  • Power range (amplifiers)
  • Durability

What about Sound Quality?

Just because you are installing speakers outdoors doesn’t mean you need to give up on good sound quality. There are three main sounds that you need to be concerned with – highs, midrange, and bass. Some speakers are better at certain tones than others. The key is to find a speaker that puts out clear high tones, full midrange sounds, and strong bass at all volume levels.

Because the speakers will be used outdoors, they need to be well balanced because the sound is not going to be contained in a room. Choose speakers that will clearly blast out any genre of music you can think of.  Sound output is the most important factor when choosing speakers of any type but is especially significant when you are looking for outdoor options.

The Definitive Technology AW6500 Outdoor Speakers are very highly rated when it comes to sound quality. They offer top quality sound in all ranges and at every volume. For those techies  the speakers have a frequency response curve of 40 Hz – 30 kHz, audio sensitivity of 92 dB, and impedance of  8 ohm. These speakers have a very amazing sound which is better than most.

Speaker Design and Size Options

When you’re looking for outdoor speakers you need to find the best place to install them. While they are built to take the elements you don’t want to expose them to excessive heat or rain. Choose a speaker design that will allow you to install them in the space you want. Some speakers are small but they don’t have big enough sound to accommodate a large outdoor space. Definitive Technology outdoor speakers are not the smallest I’ve seen but they aren’t the largest, either. They measure 14.4 x 8.9 x 9.2 inches. These speakers may seem a bit larger than others but they still seem to fit almost anywhere and they can be rotated 360 degrees. Each speaker weighs 12 pounds and they can be wall mounted. These speakers are available in black or white so they will coordinate perfectly with your home.

All Important Amplifier

The amplifier is what increases the sound and is one of the most important components of the speaker. Definitive Technology AW6500 outdoor speakers offer strong, clear sound at all volume levels. This is important because you’ll be listening to music in a large space, where sound tends to dissipate rapidly. In addition to the amplification, some speakers are stationary once they are mounted. The Definitive Technology AW6500 outdoor speakers offer the capability of 360 degree mobility, allowing you to easily reposition sound to the location that works best. Depending on how you mount them, you can turn the speakers to the position that is good for your immediate needs. When a speaker doesn’t have enough power it won’t produce good sound – these speakers are going to push out plenty of sound.

Definitive Technology Outdoor Speakers Durability

You’re installing outdoor speakers so one of the essential considerations is durability. The speakers will be subjected to a lot of inclement weather including rain, heat, cold, and maybe even snow. The casing of the speakers needs to be strong enough to withstand these conditions, which many are not. The Definitive Technology AW6500 outdoor speakers are built to last. They may be slightly larger in size and a little bit heavier than some other units but they are certainly going to hold up outside. Once you install these speakers you won’t need to worry about them again.

What Price Should You Pay for Speakers?

You’ll find that the price of outdoor speakers can range greatly. But what I’ve found is you definitely get what you pay for. If you are going through the trouble of adding speakers to your home you surely want good quality. The Definitive Technology AW6500 outdoor speakers aren’t the cheapest but they also aren’t the most expensive. You can expect to pay about $250 each so a pair will run you about $500. You can usually find these in stock at Amazon at this price but you may have to pay slightly more at other retailers. Remember that these speakers are ordered separately so you’ll have to add two to your cart to make a pair.

What Do Others Say About the Speakers?

Looking at dozens of reviews of Definitive Technology AW6500 outdoor speakers I found very few (two to be exact) comments that were negative. In general, people really like the speakers and say that the sound is amazing. In fact, many people compared these speakers favorably to others that were more expensive. The only negative comments about the speakers were about the price. But if you’re going to install outside equipment you’re really going to need to pay enough to ensure they work well and are durable.

Where to Purchase Definitive Technology AW6500 Outdoor Speakers

These speakers can be purchased from Amazon. When comparing the price to other stores Amazon is currently priced at or below these options. With free shipping (a current offering that could change) this makes Amazon the best deal out there and certainly the easiest. You can learn more about the Definitive Technology AW6500 outdoor speakers visit Amazon.

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  • I’m researching outdoor speakers as I’m looking to install some around my patio and entertainment area. I’ve listened to many speakers in store and have basically settled on the AW6500 series. I’m also considering the Polk Atrium 6 which is of course quite a bit more expensive. Any suggestions or recommendations from somebody who knows both these speakers before I pull the trigger and buy?

  • Sounded amazing initially. I bought 4 of these 2 years ago. I just plugged them in and one of the speakers is dead. I opened the case and the inside was a mess. Corrosion over the wires and board. Tested for current which goes into the board but dead on the output side. Contacted customer service and no response. One of the last 3 is also failing. The woofer doesn’t work only tweeter. Tested all wires and connections. I am very disappointed since Def Tech is usually a quality product. I have all def tech for my surround system but I will never buy another Def Tech product. I am off to buy Bose.

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