C2G Outdoor Speakers

C2G Outdoor Speakers

C2G, which was founded in 1984 as Cables To Go, is currently a division of Lastar which is a company known for their cabling and connectivity solutions. Cables To Go changed their corporate identity to Lastar in 1999, but retained the Cables to Go brand as a business unit. Cables To Go was then rebranded to C2G in 2012 to reflect the vision and strategic direction of the game. C2G might be better known for their end-to-end connectivity solutions, but with the popularity of wireless products when it comes to audio equipment the company rose to the challenge. Currently they offer a range of wireless speakers to compliment their wired wall mount and ceiling speakers.

C2G Outdoor Speakers

C2G offers traditional wireless indoor/outdoor stereo speaker pairs as well as a range of wireless rock speakers. Because C2G is better known for their cabling and connectivity products the brand is not as established when it comes to their speakers. Their speaker line-up is also not as impressive or diverse as competitors with only their Audio Unlimited range of outdoor rock speakers standing out as being unique.

While speakers might not be their specialty, this does not mean that they offer inferior products. When it comes to audio quality you can expect good performance from most C2G speakers and they are generally also quite affordable. The same cannot be said about the durability of their speakers though with some products such as their rock speakers unable to withstand bad weather. Having to take an outdoor speaker indoors during rain, hail, heavy downpours, snow and hot or cold temperatures obviously becomes a nuisance and limits their popularity.

C2G does offer some unique designs for their speakers and their rocks speakers are created to match different materials such as granite and sandstone. Their rocks speakers are also available as standalone versions or as two-speaker kits. While C2G isn’t exactly a household name when it comes to speakers, they do show a willingness to adapt with changes in the market and branch out into new directions. Their outdoor and wireless speaker offerings are rather slim at the moment, but if they continue to build upon what they have they can become a bigger threat to other brands in the future.

C2G Pros

  • The company and brand is well established so they have the required resources to build upon their speaker range.
  • Offers unique products such as their Audio Unlimited rock speaker range that is designed to look like granite or sandstone rocks.
  • Their speakers are prices competitively and offer decent audio quality.

C2G Cons

  • The brand is better known for their cabling solutions which cause many consumers to overlook their speaker range.
  • Some of their portable outdoor speakers are not durable enough to keep outside permanently as they lack sufficient protection from the elements.
  • Currently the brand does not have as wide a selection of speakers as their competitors although this may change in the future.

C2G is definitely a brand with a lot of potential if they continue to focus on wireless outdoor speakers. They are already carving out a niche for themselves in the market with their rock speaker range and with some refinements to their products they can make an even bigger impact.

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