Boston Acoustics VOYA RK6T2 Rock Speaker

Boston Acoustics VOYA RK6T2 Rock Speaker

It is rather surprising how many creators of rock speakers manage to mess up the basic design which results in the speaker looking cheap and fake. The biggest giveaway is usually the grille on the front, but wireless speakers often fare even worse due to extra buttons visible on the exterior of the “rock.” The VOYA RK6T2 from Boston Acoustics is a rock speaker that impressed me greatly, not only with its sound quality, but the actual design as well. It is a wired speaker, so nothing on the casing exterior gives it away and the designers have also tried their best to make the grille look a little bit more organic than a circular pattern of holes. It is a high quality piece of equipment, which is reflected in its price, but there can be no doubt that you get a lot of bang for your buck.

Audio Quality

Right off the bat the VOYA RK6T2 impressed me with its audio quality, which offers a sound that puts many other rock speakers to shame. Bear in mind that this speaker has stereo input, so volume is generally not a problem unless you are trying to host a rock concert to a park full of people. Since the speaker operates from ground level, the drivers are angled upwards at about 20 degrees for much better sound dispersion. Speaking of drivers, this speaker packs a 6 1/2-inch dual voice coil woofer, dual 3/4-inch soft dome tweeters and stepped basket, forward mounted woofer. The stepped basket brings the woofer closer to the grille for a fuller sound than many other rock speakers. The angled tweeters result in quite good stereo separation, so depending on the size of the area where you want to use this speaker, you will most probably not need more than one to get full coverage.

This is a rather large speaker with a solid enclosure, so the bass is very good and doesn’t just get swallowed up by the outdoor environment, something which often happens with smaller speakers. Thanks to the angled tweeters the speaker is also able to deliver crisp highs. My overall impression of the audio quality for this speaker is very favorable and you don’t have to be an audiophile to be able to appreciate that you are getting a good deal.


When it comes to the design side of things, the VOYA RK6T2 speaker does not disappoint either. Due to the size of the casing, it is a bigger and bulkier looking piece of equipment, but this adds to the overall rock shape of the speaker. From the back, the speaker is really indistinguishable from a regular chunk of rock, while the front obviously has the speaker grilles that have to peek through the casing. The designers over at Boston Acoustics tried their best to make these grilles look as natural as possible and I would have to say that they performed a pretty admirable job in this regard. From up close it has the peculiar look of someone taking to the rock with a hammer and chisel, but from a distance it looks like a bona fide chunk of rock.

The speaker also comes in a variety of rock types, so you can pick the appropriate one for your outdoor environment. The granite and sandstone designs have very angular edges, for example, while the river rock variation has a more smoothed out, rounded shape. No matter which design you choose, this speaker exhibits a lot of attention to detail and it is something that you won’t be embarrassed about placing in your backyard. Because the VOYA RK6T2 is a wired speaker, you are going to do some cable burying, but Boston Acoustics included a 6-foot pre-attached burial-rated speaker cable to help streamline this endeavor. As with the audio quality, I was very impressed with the design, which while not perfect (and trust me very few rock speakers are) does check all the right boxes. The casing actually looks like a rock, granted a very peculiar one, but at least it is miles better than the misshapen lumps of plastic that are sometimes passed off as rock speakers.


After being wowed by the sound and design of the speaker I was hoping that the durability would be up to scratch as well and I am happy to report that Boston Acoustics delivered in this department as well. The VOYA RK6T2 is solid as, well… a rock and is sufficiently durable to withstand just about anything that can happen to it in your back garden. The casing is weatherproof to shield it from the elements and this includes UV-protection so that the paint doesn’t fade or peel. Everything, including the grilles is also rustproof so you don’t have to worry that your “rock” will start “bleeding” after a couple of rain showers. I was impressed by not only the design quality, but also the materials used for the VOYA RK6T2 speaker and anyone that values quality will be too.


The VOYA RK6T2 is pretty much the full package when it comes to outdoor rock speakers, provided that you are looking for a single speaker solution. Adding another speaker to the mix can be pricy, but in my experience you only need one of these next to the pool or around the barbeque area for great coverage.

Boston Acoustics VOYA RK6T2 Speaker Pros

  • Great sound quality
  • Superior durability
  • Great design features
  • Pre-attached cable included

Boston Acoustics VOYA RK6T2 Speaker Cons

  • Higher price range.
  • Sold individually.

I can honestly say that there is not much to fault about this speaker as it does what it is designed to do perfectly. Boston Acoustics has crafted a great piece of equipment that delivers great audio and offers excellent durability, even in harsh conditions. If you have some cash to spare and only have space for a single outdoor speaker solution, then this is the one that you will want to get.

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