Bouston Acoustics Outdoor Speakers

Boston Acoustics Outdoor Speakers

Founded in 1979, Boston Acoustics is a company known for its versatility and a wide array of products it offers. Even for the niche outdoor speaker buyers, BA has enough devices in store to accommodate needs of almost every customer. Their best selling outdoor speaker model is the Soundware 4.5-Inch Coaxial Speaker.

Some of their products are powerful enough for massive outdoor events, others have low power but great portability, and there’s an entire vast array of devices fitted in between. In general, you might know Boston Acoustics as a car-speakers manufacturer, seeing that the company’s products are included in some of today’s finest vehicles, coming from such companies as Jeep, Chrysler or Dodge.

But let’s focus on the Boston Acoustics Outdoor Speakers range. There’s plenty to sift through here, so let’s kick it off with some pros and cons.


Bouston Acoustics Outdoor Speakers

Boston Acoustics Outdoor Speakers Pros and Cons

Due to massive differences between individual models, it’s somewhat difficult to distinguish the ups and downs of Boston Acoustics Outdoor Speakers in general. What clearly stands out is the sound quality – the manufacturer never fails to deliver, hence Boston Acoustics Outdoor Speakers always bring top-notch audio for the given value.

When it comes to cons, they’re typically determined by the individual model. The less expensive devices tend to suffer from the lack of power, while the big powerful ones can sometimes come with a hefty price. Any kind of general chat is rather restricted here, so let’s proceed to some of the more prominent models and series.


The company offers a total of 10 outdoor speakers on the official website, some of which come with greater similarities. For now we’ll just focus on three most prominent models, as they generally tend to represent the overall catalogue. Check out the individual reviews below for any additional info.

Boston Acoustics Voyager 70 Speakers

Boston Acoustics Voyager 70 Black Outdoor SpeakersWe’ll kick it off with a pair of big boys – the Voyager 70. As the Voyager series’ top of the line product, the 70 models deliver massive 350 watts of power (175 watts per speaker) and are able to cover major outdoor events with high-quality audio.

The 7” woofer and a 1” Kortec tweeter provide a powerful low-end. Frequency response range is also high-level, additionally securing rich bass tone. The speakers look modern and somewhat subtle; they are also relatively portable for the given size and 11.5 lbs weight. The company’s DCD (Deep Channel Design) patent is also implemented on the 70 model, allowing greater acoustic output.

In general, the Voyager 70 is a good choice if you’re looking for powerful Boston Acoustics Outdoor Speakers. Additionally, most experts and audio aficionados unanimously agree that the speakers are well worth the $600 price.

Boston Acoustic SoundWare Speaker

Boston Acoustics SOUNDWAREW Soundware 4.5-InchShifting from mass outdoor events to small gatherings, the SoundWare series sees the company aiming at portable devices market. The first thing you’re likely to notice on the speaker is the specific design allowing the device to adjust to any surface or angle. Along with a slick, yet sturdy built, the casing garnered nothing but props from the critics.

With 100 watts of nominal power, the device ranks among the strongest portable outdoor speakers, but as expected, still doesn’t match the power of its more massive peers. With 6.5 x 6.15 x 6.15 inches size and 5-pound weight, the device ranks among typically-sized portable outdoor speakers. However, the $70 price tag has certainly proved as good value for a speaker this durable and powerful.

Boston Acoustic Voyager RK8T2 Outdoor Speaker

Boston Acoustics VOYA RK8T2 SandstoneAll of the company’s outdoor speakers so far came with a more or less standard design. Just so that things don’t become too monotonous, the Voyager RK8T2 series drops with completely different looks and a representative of the “camouflaged” rock series. And by rock we actually mean rock as an object, not as a music genre. In general, these are the devices meant for customers who prefer their outdoor speakers hidden within their backyard environment.

Specifically, the RK8T2 model comes with a powerful 8’’ woofer, ensuring rich bass tone. Its drivers are angled upwards 20 degrees in order to deliver top-quality audio when placed at ground level. The device is by all means a massive one, coming with 21.3 x 15.5 x 18 inches size and 20.6-pound weight. It is completely waterproof, quite sturdy and available in two color schemes – sandstone and granite. As for the price, the RK8T2 is available for $499.

A final note regarding warranty – Boston Acoustics outdoor speakers come with a 2 or 5 year warranty, depending on the specific product. It’s a well-established manufacturer more than worth your time and consideration, able to please a vast array of customer requirements.

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