Bose Free Space 51

Bose Free Space 51 Outdoor In-Ground Speakers Review

The Bose Free Space 51 speakers are unique due to their coverage, installation, and placement as well as how they have been engineered by the company. This is an increasingly popular way to bring music to life outdoors where you wouldn’t otherwise have the option of mounting the speakers onto a wall.

The In-Ground audio output produces a natural and broad sound that’s perfect for any location outside of your home. Maybe you work outside or socialize in an area away from your home – with the option of inserting the speaker into any ground location you have flexibility in where you listen to music.

Free Space Product Features:

  • 360 effect (an amazing sound dispersion)
  • Low and high frequency smoothness
  • Installation in hard or soft surfaces
  • Blending ability (Tucked in wires and camouflage color)
  • 4 ½ full range driver
  • Weather resistant
  • SA-3 amplifier
  • Polymer Fiber Composite Driver Cone
  • Easy Installation
  • Security with Wire Grooves

The Ultimate Relaxation and Convenience

You’ll fall in love with Bose Free Space 51 after realizing how often you can relax and enjoy the music that you listen to. If you entertain people in your backyard then you’ll likely receive a lot of value compared to the amount of money you invest in these speakers.

They can be inserted next to a pool or in a distant area without having to worry about damage due to weather conditions. They blend in well complimenting hard surfaces and different landscape areas.

Delivering the Ultimate Quality

We have to admit, the 360 design makes for an extremely clear and natural sound. Free Space 51 speakers have a broad coverage due to their radial shape and dispersion of clarity. Being that it emits audio waves in every direction it’s easy for all guests to hear the music (and probably wonder where it’s actually coming from.)

The richness of the audio comes from the port of the speaker which is centrally located to produce a high and low range of frequencies. There is a dome that is built over the port which has an amazing effect on both tone ranges. We personally feel that the 360 effect is much more powerful than a single direction speaker which cannot always be heard from different areas of the home.

There are a few mounting holes that allow this speaker to be secured into a hard or soft surface. There are also special grooves on the bottom that let you use wires to prevent the speaker from moving or rocking back and forth. The performance is superb and the design is pretty stellar if we do say so ourselves. With the ability to partially bury these speakers into the ground you might also catch some of your guests off guard.

Bose Free Space 51 Outdoor In-Ground Speakers Specs

Power: Ranges anywhere from a 10-100 watt usage

Amplifier: The product is compatible with the majority of home theater systems/amplifiers/receivers

Exterior: Rugged, Camouflaged with a green aluminum port grille

Durability: The speakers can withstand rain, snow, humidity, extreme temperatures and even a 350 weight load

Longevity: Although it’s built for durability you are guaranteed a five year, transferable warranty

A Reputable Brand

Most of us tend to buy important electronics according to the brand name. It’s difficult for us to invest in a new gadget from someone who is either new to the market or without sufficient reviews. By looking into Bose you can see that they are one of the more prominent audio product brands in the market.

They are high-end products which accounts for the high price; but, the outdoor speakers are designed to last during the worst weather conditions. There’s also a dependable warranty to consider if you are skeptical toward making the purchase.

We’d have to say that the Bose Free Space 51 is one of the most unique products that the company has created being that it can be used on concrete or dug into the ground with a 360 sound coverage. Being able to hear it in every direction is convenient in many entertainment situations.

When making purchases we tend to be realistic in terms of how much a product should cost. We look at what it’s offering as a brand, how unique it is from other products and why we’d benefit from investing in it. The fact remains that the Bose Free Space 51 has fantastic reviews from customer who are satisfied with the unique audio speaker. Ultimately, the company is known for their quality, modern appeal and convenience (increasing the chances of a promising purchase.)

The Visuals

We think it’s fantastic that speakers can easily be hidden in the ground. Even when they are visible or located on hard surfaces they don’t look tacky or out of place. All of Bose products have a modern appeal to them that are complimentary toward the exterior and interior of a home. They have a contemporary feel that can make even the most outdated porch appear modernized.

What surface you choose to put the speakers on will depend on the landscape around your home. If you entertain often and you have a pool area, consider putting them closer toward where your guests socialize.

You can also use these for business ordeals. There are many people who work at a place of business and occasionally put on special events for promotional purposes. Instead of using a couple of large speakers, businesses can invest in Bose Free Space 51 Speakers. They’re small, mobile and easy to set-up if you choose to take them with you to various locations.

Ultimately, we feel that this product is worth more than the investment. We have yet to experience any problems with how it remains secure in the ground or delivers sound. We’ve only had people compliment me on them and ask me where they can purchase their own – although, we don’t always like other people investing in my valuable findings.

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  • These speakers are absolutely amazing! Not the cheapest out there but worth every penny if you should ask me. The sound dispersion and quality is awesome and they are incredibly durable. If in doubt, buy them – it’s an investment in great sound and peace of mind.