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When it comes to high-quality speakers Bose and the Bose 151 SE Environmental Speakers is one of the top leaders in the industry. This is why when I wanted to purchase outdoor speakers for my patio, I naturally turned to the leader to find the right product for me. Now, I did not just jump out and buy a Bose speaker without looking around first. I looked at several different brand names to see which company offered the best style, durability, and sound quality. What I really wanted was the best set of speakers I could find that fit into my budget.

Of course, I already have Bose speakers in my home, so I knew the type of quality that this company produces. So I may have been a little biased when making my decision. After a lengthy search, I finally decided to purchase the Bose 151 SE Environmental Speakers. I have to be honest that I could not be happier with my purchase. These are great-sounding speakers and they look great too. But you do not have to just take my word for it, I will provide you with an overview of this product so you can see for yourself everything that it has to offer.


Sound Quality

Of course, when shopping for outdoor speakers the most important feature for most people is the sound quality. Right away you know that Bose is well-known for its high-quality speakers, but what do these speakers have to offer. The speakers are designed with Bose’s exclusive Articulated Array design. This provides exceptional surround sound, or what Bose refers to as Stereo Everywhere sound. This is especially good for outdoor settings and emits a clear and crisp sound.

Each outdoor speaker includes three separate two-and-a-half-inch full-range drivers. Each of the drivers has a glass-filled speaker cone. This works together to provide the optimum performance and allows the sound to travel over a wider area. It also provides a high-quality sound that spans across all the various frequencies that can be heard. For added protection and increased quality, the speakers come in glass-filled polypropylene cabinets.

Overall Appearance

Clearly, the look of the speakers was very important to me. Since the speaker would be a permanent fixture on my patio, they had to look good. By far, these were the best-looking outdoor speakers I saw on the market. Unlike many of the other types of speakers, these have an elegant and sleek design. Rather than a box-like look, they are slender and great-looking. I purchase the white speakers, but they also sell this product in black if that is more your style.

One of the greatest things about the Bose 151 SE Environmental Speakers is that they come with adjustable brackets. This means that you can either hang the speakers vertically or horizontally. This gives you more freedom to hang the speakers where you want to. In addition, installation is very easy and the product comes with complete instructions.

Size Of The Speakers

The size of the speakers is also another important factor when choosing which ones to purchase. You may think that the bigger the speaker the better the sound, but this is not always true. These speakers are small but still provide an excellent sound. Each speaker is 3.5 by 12 by 7.1-inches in size and weighs only 12 pounds. This allows the outdoor speakers to fit practically anywhere.

Durability Of The Speakers

Bose takes a lot of care into making sure their products are among the best quality products available. They have spent over ten years testing these speakers under various weather conditions to make sure they are truly weather resistant. Bose states that the Bose 151 SE Environmental Speakers can hold up well in rain, sleet, snow, fog,  humidity, and salt. They will also withstand a wide temperature range from -40°F to 158°F. This was perfect for us since with live in New England where the temperature can fluctuate greatly throughout the year. This also makes these speakers great for practically any location, including your backyard, deck, pool area, or boat.

Does The Company Offer A Warranty

I am always happy when a company offers a warranty with their product because I know that they stand behind their work. Most manufacturers offer a limited one-year warranty with their speakers, which I typically think is a good deal. However, Bose goes even further by offering a limited five-year warranty with every purchase. Since these are outdoor speakers, I was a little skeptical about how they would stand up to the weather in my area. But with a five-year warranty, what do I have to lose.

Has The Speakers Received Good Reviews

The Bose 151 SE Environmental Speakers is a popular product on Amazon. The majority of the customers, seem to be very pleased with the sound of the speakers and are happy they made the purchase. See for yourself. Below is a sample of what some of the customers are saying.

“These outdoor speakers were easy to mount and sound great in my backyard.”

“They have great sound and push good volume to my entire backyard.”

“Amazing sound and very powerful.”

Are There Complaints About The Speakers

While most people are more than happy with their new speakers. a few people have complained about the sound. Some of them feel that the speakers are not good at playing bass. This is a common complaint with outdoor speakers, typically it is due to their small size.

Where Are The Speakers Sold At

You can purchase these outdoor speakers right on Amazon’s official website. These speakers sell for under $300 for the pair and free shipping is available on every purchase. Amazon also offers a special six-month financing option on this product for qualified buyers.


The Bose 151 SE Environmental Speakers provide excellent sound and have a great sleek look that fits into any backyard, patio, or deck design.


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  1. I’ve had these speakers on my patio for over a year now. Easy to install and maintain. They’ve been through a few storms and so far I haven’t seen any weather damage. All in all I’ll buy them again, even if they seem a bit pricey.


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