Bic America BICRTRV442 Indoor Outdoor Speakers

Bic America BICRTRV442 Indoor / Outdoor Speakers

The Bic America BICRTRV442 speakers offer a very attractive indoor/outdoor solution in a very affordable package that doesn’t skimp on sound quality. Usually when I see a pair of indoor/outdoor speakers for the kind of price that these ones from Bic are selling for, I start to wonder where corners have been cut.

The speakers are actually pretty good looking as far as these type of equipment goes so I was a bit concerned that the audio quality wouldn’t be up to scratch. Fortunately, my fears were unfounded as the BICRTRV442 speakers are solid contenders in the audio department as well.

Bic America BICRTRV442 speakers Sound Quality

Considering the size of these speakers, I was quite impressed by the audio quality. ¬†As these are 3-way speakers they feature tweeters, midrange and woofer drivers. Audio enthusiasts will enjoy the clear, crisp highs thanks to the fluid-cooled tweeters and the midranges are pretty good as well. As these are smaller speakers, the bass isn’t mind-blowing, but the cabinets are slightly larger to give the woofers a bit more oomph. Depending on where you place the speakers, you might be able to squeeze a bit more bass out of them, but they are never going to give you the kind of sound that you get from the larger, more expensive speakers. Hooking up a decent amplifier can also make a big difference to the sound quality.


The Bic America BICRTRV442 speakers thankfully does not fall into the category of speakers that you want to hide away out of sight when you have guests over. The design is relatively straightforward, but the speakers do not have that cheap plastic look that some low priced speakers sometimes have. They are probably not going to be turning any heads at your next party, but neither are they going to embarrass you by looking flimsy or cheap.

As these are wired speakers, you don’t have to worry about adjusting buttons or knobs on the speakers. You simply connect the speakers to your audio device with the included wires and then mount them where you want them. The wires are connected using the older push mount spring clips ,which might be an issue if you want to use thicker cables with the speakers. My advice would be to mount the speakers somewhere that keeps the wires out of the way as they are quite thin. The included wires are very long, so you have plenty to work with when mounting your speakers. I like that the speakers have a notch molded into the back of the casing that you can use to hang them from something if you want something a bit more discreet than the included bracket.


These speakers are designed to be used indoors and outdoors, so the durability is quite good for the price. The screen grilles as well as speaker enclosures are designed to be weather resistant, but bear in mind this does not mean you can leave them hanging outside in the rain. If you plan on using the speakers outdoors, ensure that they have at least some sort of protection from the elements, by mounting them under eaves for example, as this will increase their longevity considerably. Ensure that you fasten the bracket securely, especially in windy conditions as the case is made from plastic which will probably not survive a fall from a significant height.


As the Big America BICRTRV442 Rtrv44-2 are passive speakers, they don’t come with a lot of features, but this means that there are less hassles to worry about as well. The speakers are wired and come with a very generous length of wire so, unlike Bluetooth speakers, you don’t have to worry about range. These speakers don’t require batteries either, as long as they are connected to your sound system they will keep on going. The speakers do feature video shielding which is important if you plan on using them next to your television.

Pros and Cons

In all honesty there isn’t a lot that I can fault about the Bic America speakers, especially when taking the price into consideration. As replacement speakers for a surround sound system, or simply for mounting outdoors so you can listen to tunes while working in the backyard, they are great. If you tend to manhandle your equipment the plastic casing might not last, but you would have to pay a lot more to find something that is durable enough to withstand abuse.

Bic American BICRTRV442 Speaker Pros

  • Quality full-range sound at a very affordable price
  • Straightforward but aesthetically pleasing design
  • Versatile enough for indoor and outdoor use
  • Includes wall mounts and wires for easy setup
  • Passive speaker amplification means no hassles with buttons or batteries
  • Video shielding and built-in power protection

Bic American BICRTRV442 Speaker Cons

  • The small speaker size means the bass isn’t exactly going to be rattling any windows
  • No wireless connectivity so you have to spend time setting up the wires correctly
  • The included wires are quite thin and can get damaged if not mounted out of the way

For anyone who wants good quality audio on a tight budget, the Bic America BICRTRV442 speakers offers a lot to like. Compared to more expensive speakers they are obviously lacking in a few areas such as the durability and bass, but nothing that could be considered a deal breaker. With proper speaker placement you will be able to get a little better sounding bass out of the speakers and with proper care the durability shouldn’t be an issue either.

Whether you want to listen to your music indoors or outdoors, the Bic American BICRTRV442 Rtrv44-2 Indoor/outdoor 3-Way Speakers are certainly up to the task and will deliver quality far above what you would expect from their price tag.


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Bic America BICRTRV442 Indoor / Outdoor Speakers

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