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BIC America Adatto DV52si Indoor/Outdoor Speakers

There is usually a big difference between what is required of indoor and outdoor speakers, so the type of equipment that attempts to fulfill both roles usually end up lacking in certain areas.

The Adatto DV52siW 2-Way speakers from BIC America attempt to prove that it is possible to offer the best of both worlds without any compromises. At first glance, these speakers look like they are tailor-made for indoor use, but the neat thing is that they come with specific grilles that can be changed, depending on where you plan on mount them.


BIC America Adatto DV52si Sound Quality

The sole purpose of speakers is to get the best audio quality for your money and as long as you have realistic expectations for speakers of this size, you will not be disappointed. The Adatto DV52siW are 2-way speakers, so they feature tweeter and woofer drivers. Each speaker features a 5.25-inch polypropylene cone woofer and 0.5-inch poly dome tweeter which, although not top of the line, is sufficient for good audio quality. The speakers measure in at 6.25 by 9 by 6 inches each so don’t go expecting the kind of bass that will rattle your windows and attract the ire of your neighbors. Having said that, the bass is still impressive considering the sound of the speakers and the tone better than what I have heard on some larger, more expensive offerings. For the best audio quality, you will want to match these up with other BIC America home theater speakers because they are tonally matched to complement the Addatos, but this is not really a must.


The Addato speakers have a pretty conventional, compact look and while they probably won’t win any design awards, you won’t want to hide them in embarrassment. The shape of the speakers is a bit more rounded than the typical square boxes that some manufacturers prefer for outdoor speakers and I like that BIC America has included different grilles for indoor and outdoor use. If you primarily want to use the speakers indoors, you can stick to the cloth grille which easily pops off and can be replaced with the anodized grille, should you decide to take them outdoors.

The design of the Adatto speakers is very efficient and you won’t find any wasted space or unnecessary additions, which is a good thing. It is worth mentioning that these speakers do not come with any type of bracket, so if you plan on mounting them up somewhere you have to make use of the two holes located on the back of each speaker. While this might not be a big issue for some folks, it does mean that the speakers cannot swivel when in place. This can easily be remedied by buying a pair of swivel mounts should you really need to have this feature.


The stiff plastic casing of the Adatto speakers not only keeps vibrations to a minimum, but is pretty durable as well.  Like I mentioned earlier, if you plan on using these speakers outdoors, be sure to replace the cloth grille with the anodized screen grille to protect the drivers. The housing is weather resistant and according to Bic America is designed to hold up well to both sun and wind exposure. Keep in mind that the speakers are not completely waterproof, so you will want to keep them out of the rain or snow when mounted outdoors.

The anodized screen grille does a good job keeping water splashes and drizzle away from the interior components, but won’t stand up to a full downpour. Due to the rigors of outdoor use, the Addatto speakers only comes with a 2-year outdoor warranty compared to the 7-year indoor warranty. If you take good care of these speakers and instill them under proper covering when used outdoors, they will last a long time though, which makes them a good investment.


The BIC America Adatto speakers are passive and wired so there isn’t a lot to talk about feature-wise. The two different grilles for each speaker is a welcome inclusion although this is offset by the lack of swivel mount in the box. Swivel mounts are relatively inexpensive to purchase so this doesn’t really hurt the value of the Adatto speakers.

Pros and Cons

Bic America might not be as well known as some of the other speaker brands available, but their Adatto speakers definitely impressed me. The nice thing about these speakers is that you are paying for quality audio and not simply for the brand name, which is often the case with the bigger brands. Because of their design, the speakers will look just as at home next to your home theatre system or on a bookcase as they do mounted on a wall outdoors.

Bic America Addato Pros

  • The sound quality of these speakers is great for their size and price
  • The rounded design is a bit easier on the eyes than the typical box-shaped speakers
  • Comes with two grilles for each speaker.
  • Weather resistant housing for outdoor use.
  • Comes with a 7-year indoor and 2-year outdoor warranty.

Bic America Addato Cons

  • The speakers are only 2-way and not 3-way.
  • Does not come with any type of mounting bracket.
  • The speakers are not waterproof and must be mounted under cover when used outdoors

Overall, there is a lot to like about the Bic America Addatto speakers and they are certainly worth the asking price. Being able to use them indoors and outdoors gives you a lot more options and they are durable enough that you won’t have to worry about replacements for a while. Speakers from bigger brands will set you back far more than the Addattos and you might not even hear a difference in audio quality, making these excellent value for money.

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BIC America Adatto DV52siW Outdoor Speakers

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