The 10 Best Bass Headphones


Being known as a website that listens to the community, we compiled a list of some of the more renowned headphone choices from brands known to provide high-quality bass lines that will be a refreshing experience for your ears.

Those of you that want to learn how to choose great bass headphones on their own, feel free to check out our buyer’s guide for a full overview of the criteria we found useful when determining which choices to include in this article.

The 10 Best Bass Headphones 1
Sennheiser Momentum 2.0

Somewhere in between high-quality affordable headphones and professional audiophile equipment worth thousands of dollars, these are without a doubt our top pick!

The 10 Best Bass Headphones 2

Best Bass Cannon

If you love bass and want some serious bass headphones, then the JVC HA-SZ2000 are the ones for you! Aptly described as ‘sub-woofers right against your head’, this is definitely the holy grail of bass headphones and capable of some thunderous bass!

Best for Clear Sound and Heavy Bass

The bass the Yamaha PRO 500 is able to produce is extremely detailed, creating a chilling sensation when you’re listening to classical music for example, or any other music filled with various instruments producing different tones.

Best Budget Option

Our choice for the best budget bass headphones goes to the Sennheiser HD201. You won’t be getting the same sound signature as with other more high-end items on this list, but with the addition of a quality equalizer and a sturdy amplifier, you can end up with a blasting bass machine for under 100$, which we must admit is kinda rare.

The 10 Best Bass Headphones:

1. Sennheiser Momentum 2.0

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0
  • Drivers: 40 mm
  • Cable: Wireless
  • Type: Over-ear
  • Freq. Response: 20Hz – 30kHz

The Yamaha PRO 500s are great, but they’re also a little bit pricey, so we tried to find a solution that’s top notch in terms of sound production quality that doesn’t have a price tag that goes through the roof.

This is where the Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 comes into play with its ability to produce precise sound while managing to stay in the $200-$300 price range.

Starting from the closed over the ears design that will make you feel like you’re flying a WWII fighter-bomber and the well placed ear cup padding, everything about the momentum screams (affordable) HIGH CLASS. Believe me, you can’t find well-built piece of bass headphones, which are also in the top of their class in terms of sound production quality that easily.

We’ve tried and the general conclusion was how the Momentum 2.0s are somewhere in between high-quality affordable bass headphones and professional audiophile equipment worth thousands of dollars.

The sound they are capable of producing, besides having a strong bass line, is crisp and vibrant. It will jump through different levels in a manner of milliseconds without making a mistake, which makes this pair of bass headphones suitable for different music genres. You can play 2Pac in the morning as you go to work and relax with some Johnny Cash in the afternoons. Whatever you decide to go with, these bass headphones will be capable of handling and producing a sound that’s neither flat nor trying to emphasize a specific tone.

That’s what makes this Sennheiser model the perfect choice for business people, programmers, college students, music professionals, ballerinas … you name it. They’re compact, have an astonishing modernistic design and are capable of fitting your head like they were custom made.

They’re quite lightweight yet extremely strong and durable, so it won’t be a problem if you’re constantly on the go or you just want to plug them in with your portable audio player. You won’t need to use amplifiers or equalizers because the sound these headphones produce is both clear and powerful at the same time.

All in all the Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Over-Ear bass headphones are a high-end solution that will satisfy your heavy bass needs for a long time. They’re perfect for everyday use and will make even the pickiest audiophiles happy so they walk away with our pick for the best bass headphones overall.

2. Ultrasone PRO 900i Professional

Ultrasone PRO 900i Stereo Headphones
  • Drivers: 40 mm
  • Cable: Standard
  • Type: Over-ear
  • Freq. Response: 6Hz – 42kHz

If you’re looking for a long lasting solution that will stay current with modern trends and help you enjoy the powerful sound modern music brings, you’re all set to spend a little bit more than you initially had in plan and get the Ultrasone PRO 900.

These professional headphones represent the top of the line in portable audio equipment for a good reason.

Besides being able to produce some extremely powerful and deep bass lines, the PRO 900 is the perfect choice for both vivid gamers and professional club DJs. Thanks to the innovative “S-Logic Plus” technology invented by Ultrasone, one of the leading manufacturers in the industry, the 900 model is able to transfer the sound from your audio player with great precision.

Being a clean cut favorite for a great number of professionals on the music scene implies how the quality of build needs to be extremely strong.

That’s why the design team behind the Ultrasone PRO 900 used hard plastic elements to create a piece of audio equipment you can toss around when on the road without being afraid you’ll crack it wide open. This doesn’t mean you’ll get some rugged and heavy set of speakers.

These headphones look slick on the outside with a very elegant and precise design of both hinges and will surprise you how lightweight they actually are. Even the extra thick padding covering your ears won’t be a problem as you’ll quickly notice how this makes the PRO 900 one of the best bass headphones and an even better, more comfortable choice, compared to some other bass headphones.

All this comfort and lightweight design comes with a high price tag. If you really have a buck or two to spare, don’t hesitate and get the PRO 900s.

Not only because of the longevity of the model and the fact you’ll have the option to change the cables after a while (yes, they’re both detachable), but think about bass quality as well.

I mean, that’s why we’re all her right?

The specifications sheet lists the PRO 900 going as low as 6 Hz and up to 42,000 Hz in frequency response. This means that the bass line can be very deep and it will sound precise thanks to the soundproof build.

Lower frequency response lines mean lower and deeper bass and believe me, 6 Hz is very, very low. The Ultrasone PROs made a name for themselves by having some of the deepest bass you’ll ever hear and the fact they can go down to 6 Hz is probably the biggest reason they capable of producing such quality bass.

The only “problem” of the 900 model is that it’s slightly off the V-shaped sound signature curve due to the recessed midrange. It will level out after a while, but it will never become really neutral. This isn’t a reason to exclude the Ultrasone PRO 900 model from the high-end audiophile graded category of bass headphones, it’s just something you need to know before making your decision.

If you’re looking for a classy solution that will last for decades on your shelf, you’ve found the perfect bass production machine packed in a light, modernistic design.

3. Pioneer HDJ-2000MK2-K Pro DJ

Pioneer HDJ-2000MK2-K Pro DJ
  • Drivers: 50 mm
  • Cable: Braided / Twisted
  • Type: Over-ear
  • Freq. Response: 5Hz – 30kHz

Since the early days of audio equipment mass production, Pioneer has stood out as one of the most constant top quality brands on the market. They’ve stick with the same well known classic design throughout the years, making the HDJ-2000MK2 model just another example of how good Pioneer is in creating clear sound while providing deep bass lines.

Leaning towards the well known raw, clean-cut look of their headphones, the Japanese manufacturer has managed to impress us once again with the durability and strength of build of these highly functional earbuds have in store.

Perfect for professional DJs and musicians that are constantly on the road, the 2000MK2 is not only able to withstand harsh environments and being thrown around the studio, but they actually produce a pretty clean and “honest” sound pretty close to the V curve.

We love the strong build and the silky silver matte touch of the exterior, which only hindsights how elegant and light weighted this pair of headphones actually is, making them a perfect option to use when on the road.

When talking about comfort and headphones we usually analyze the padding and the fit of each pair. Pioneer uses memory foam padding for both earcups that can swivel at an angle of 90 degrees, which is why this is one of the most comfortable pieces of audio equipment we’ve put on our head.

The memory foam follows the shape of your head and the cups are so flexible that the HDJ-2000MK2 will fit everyone’s head almost like it’s a custom made product.

One other thing you must be aware of, connected with the design of this item, is the uncommon XLR connector that has a locking mechanism inside of it, with the goal of preventing your cable from plugging out of your audio device.

Although this can be seen as a positive and it’s extremely useful when you’re using a portable device, it can be tricky when you’re using the headphones on your PC or turntable. We simply forget we have them on our head and we pull the cord out of the plug. When there’s a locking mechanism involved, permanent damage of your headphone set can occur.

The reason why this particular pair of headphones is considered as one of the best bass headphones capable of reproducing deep bass lines is because of the size of the speakers.

The 50mm dome type drivers packed in each earcup are capable of reproducing a wide spectrum of sounds thanks to their frequency range is set between 5 and 30000 Hz. This makes them an even better solution for bass heavy music than the Ultrasone PRO 900, but the size of the drive simply doesn’t allow them to provide such a clear sound for extremely high pitched notes.

The Pioneer HDJ-2000MK2-K Pro DJ over ear headphones are one of the most comfortable pieces of wearable audio equipment we’ve tried on and believe us when we say it, we’ve seen a lot. They’re perfect for bass heavy music thanks to the gigantic driver, and they’re extremely durable, making them one of the more renown choices of music professionals.

4. V-MODA Crossfade LP2 Vocal Limited Edition

V-MODA Crossfade LP2 Vocal Limited Edition
  • Drivers: 50 mm
  • Cable: Kevlar-reinforced
  • Type: Over-ear
  • Freq. Response: 5Hz – 30kHz

Hope you’re not all bummed out because the Pioneer and Ultrasone models don’t fit your budget. Don’t worry, we know an affordable brand producing headphones capable of covering even the lowest bass frequencies while reproducing an extremely clear sound.

Say hello to V-Moda and their Crossfade LP2 model.

For only half the price of the Ultrasone PRO 900, you’re getting a high-quality piece of headphones equipped with 50mm drivers classified as dual-diaphragm speakers. This means that both the rings on the outside and the outside will reproduce clear sound and some extremely deep bass with no problem.

You’ll enjoy the benefit of listening to vibrant bass solos combined with playful mids and high pitched highs without even noticing an overlap. This is only a sign how well built these headphones are, so the fact they have a 2db variance didn’t come as a surprise at all. This means that the sound this pair of headphones produces is pretty close to the V curved sound signature, making them one of the best bass headphones for studio recording sessions.

Hook them up to a quality audio source or a portable headphones amplifier and you got yourself a party banging in your eardrums.

Similar to the Pioneer HDJ-2000MK2-K Pro DJ and probably every other reputable brand in the industry, V-Moda uses memory foam for the coating of both the overhead element and the two rugged design earphones. The industrial feel of the exterior of the headphones gives the feeling how this is just another one of those badly designed items that will pinch your ears when you put them on, but just wait until you actually try how the Crossfade feels on your head.

You would think they’re not extremely light as the previous two entries, but in fact, V-Moda’s most popular headphone for bass is around 30 grams lighter compared to Pioneer’s representative on our list.

The well thought of design also provides room for extreme noise cancellation that allows you to focus on your music and isolate from the outside world while listening to your favorite rapper from the ’90s.

It’s easy to get carried away and forget you have your Moda’s on you after hours in front of the PC or just laying down on your sofa because the unique hexagon design is built in a way that decreases the strain a piece of headphones can leave on both your scalp and ears.

Every bit of equipment you get delivered as a part of the V-Moda package, from the 4” cord for with an adapter for your mobile phone to the two metallic protection shells, only showcases how the team behind the Crossfade LP2 made sure you enjoy a once in a lifetime experience when purchasing their product.

The clear sound where the bass line doesn’t mix with the mid and high pitched sounds, allowing you to enjoy various types of music ranging from R&B to Country Rock. That’s what you get when going for this affordable piece of audio equipment satisfying even the pickiest audiophiles.

5. Sony Mdr-xb950 Extra Bass

Sony Mdr-xb950b Extra Bass
  • Drivers: 40 mm
  • Cable: Wireless
  • Type: Over-ear
  • Freq. Response: 3Hz – 28kHz

What? You thought we would make a list of any kind of audio devices and not include a Sony product? You must be mad bruh.

Sony established themselves as giants in the electronics industry in general, but they’ve always secretly had their eye on the audio industry, favorizing it by creating the innovative Sony Walkman and the never before seen Hi-Fi headphones. Two products that were way ahead of their time yet managed to find their market and promote Sony into one of the most creative audiovisual companies on the globe.

That’s why it wouldn’t be fair to leave out one of the most powerful bass headphones that can produce a heavy bass line and weighs less than 250 grams. You got that right, we’re talking about the Sony Mdr-xb950/b, one of the more elegant entries on our list, capable of wreaking havoc even when you don’t plug it to an amplifier.

With an above the average quality of build and the ability to spin the earcups both horizontally and vertically (90 and 20 degrees respectively), the Mdr-xb950/b is a pretty cool looking set of headphones that can fit everybody as if they were tailor-made.

One thing that can potentially bug you off is the fact that the inner side of the driver can touch your ear from time to time, but this is something you can adjust by playing with the set, so it’s not a dealbreaker at all, although it indicates how comfort can be a problem when using this pair of cans on your ears constantly.

The earcup can start pressing your ears too strongly at times making it uncomfortable to watch your favorite TV show or play GTA for more than a couple of hours. It’s not that the MDRs are too heavy or that there’s not enough padding, because believe me there are like two huge pillows you’ll wear on each ear. It’s just that the grip of the overhead band is just a tad too strong.

What it lacks in comfort Sony tries to add in functionality, so expect to grasp all control functions the moment you put these monsters on your head. You’ll probably find it useful to control the volume and turn on or off the bass boost whenever you want without the need to go to your computer.

Sony surprises us once again with a flawless bass boost option on a primarily wireless set of headphones, which is something you rarely see nowadays as companies tend to focus on one thing in most cases.

The Sony Mdr-xb950/b’s bass boost is a built-in microchip that acts in the form of a digital processor of signals it gets from lower audio frequencies. Imagine all of those sounds that are extremely low, like one or two Hz low. You would probably miss them out when using headphones without such a powerful bass boost, which is something you should really think about.

Do you really want to miss the bass line on Jay-Z’s latest single or are you ready to invest in a bass boosted piece of headphones that will bring that sound straight to your ears? The problem is that this feature although perfect for genres like RAP and techno is capable of distorting the sound and mixing the bass with mid and high channels when multiple instruments are involved at the same time.

If you’re willing to sacrifice on comfort and your favorite music contains lots of bass and hard deep notes, the Sony Mdr-xb950/b is the perfect fit for you. It’s probably best to go to the local store and try them on before you make a purchase though.

6. Bowers and Wilkins P5 Series 2

Bowers and Wilkins P5 Series 2
  • Drivers: 40 mm
  • Cable: Wireless
  • Type: On-ear
  • Freq. Response: 10Hz – 20kHz

Bowers and Wilkins has managed to create a high end heavy bass monster in the likes of their P5 Series 2 headphones model. These modernistic on-ear speakers will satisfy the taste of even the pickiest audiophiles among you guys, because they’re a lightweight option that can be adjusted to your exact needs.

You can remove both the earpads and the two cables while you’re on the move. Making the P5 the perfect solution for professional musicians and people that are constantly traveling. One of the cords has a built-in Apple-friendly mic, which is only one of the many tiny details Bowers and Wilkins used to lure business users.

Speaking of the company’s ability to reach to the corporate world and successfully reach out to this “needy” audience we can’t overlook the nature of the entire design of the product. You won’t find that many headphones with such an elegant outside look visually enhanced by the usage of black leather to soften the ear cups and the headband.

On the negative side, the leather design will make your head evaporate during hot summer days, which also makes the P5 Series 2 headphone model a less favorable solution for people that just want spending a lot of time outside.

While we’re focusing on the negative sides of this classy piece of headphone equipment we should also state how there are some issues when you try to use the remote features on your Android or Windows device. It’s nothing major, but users have reported all types of different bugs and small problems they faced while connecting their P5 with a device running on these operating systems.

Everything else on these speakers seems to work just fine. The main upgrade from the initial P5 model is in the driver’s ability to reproduce a high-quality bass frequency thanks to the huge 40mm Hi-Fi driver, which is something you couldn’t find its predecessor. The end result is one of the best bass headphones available on the market today.

The quality of bass and the deep frequency range (10 Hz) places the Bowers and Wilkins P5 Series 2 in a selected group of speakers, perfect for the more experienced audio equipment fans hunting for that perfect bass line.

Those of you that don’t quite agree with the high price tag, can continue reading our article and find some affordable options producing the same amount of bass.

7. Beats by Dre. Executive

Beats by Dre. Executive
  • Drivers: 40 mm
  • Cable: Standard
  • Type: Over-ear
  • Freq. Response: 10Hz – 30kHz

Finally… One of the most hyped headphone brands made the cut and was included on our list. There’s a reason why we’ve decided to go with the “executive” version and it’s because they’re lighter than their counterparts, they have a strong and solid build and possess a certain simplistic vibe presented through the slick silver chromed and black padded design, that’s just suitable for different types of people.

You can be a marketing director, fifth-grade teacher or a touring DJ. It really doesn’t matter. Executive bears look good on anyone.

There are other product versions like the newer Solo3 Wireless headphones by Beats, but we’re sticking with this model because it has a more solid build compared to other products from the same brand and we’re all about longevity. You don’t want spending 300 bucks and having to replace the cord after a year of usage.

The padding is made from a more leather-like material, which doesn’t only give a more refined look to the whole set, but it also feels better when you place them on your skin. You want your ears to breathe while you’re listening to some beats by Dre. (see what I did there…), so having a high-quality padding material can make all the difference at times.

Besides that and the fact you can spin the earpads for 90 degrees horizontally to put them in your traveling case, we’re still stuck with the inevitable huge logo on the outside of the earphones and that trademark red chord.

The reason why we’re even considering the Executive Beats by Dre. headphones set as a part of this list of best bass headphones is the powerful noise cancellation feature. The only problem is that you’ll need to use the feature at all times if you want to get any sound out of the headphones.

Why is this a problem? Well, you need to use two AAA batteries just to get the noise cancellation started and you’re not getting anywhere without it being turned on.

It sounds like a trick, but it really isn’t that bad when you think about it because having the noise cancellation on means you’re getting a deeper and more quality bass line, so it’s a win-win situation. You’ll be spending lot more batteries, but hey, it’s worth the hassle.

Or is it?

Although you won’t be hearing any sounds deriving from your environment, there will be a constantly present hiss that you won’t hear when you play tracks on regular volume, but it’s noticeable once you lower down the tone or just stop playing.

With the minimum level of frequency response set at 20 Hz, Beats by Dre aren’t capable of picking extremely low sounds like the Pioneer HDJs and the Ultrasone PRO 900, but they compensate with their active noise cancellation feature and slick design.

If you like the brand and you just want to have something from Beats by Dre.; go with these bass headphones because it has proven itself as a quality piece of audio equipment over time. For those of you that want to experience extremely powerful bass lines and have the money to spend, go with one of or first two choices. The rest of you that probably ended up in the group working with a smaller budget, check out the economy friendly solutions we’ve included on this list.

They are here, you just need to look for the one you actually like. And remember how it’s always better spending a little bit more than your planned budget if this means you’re getting one of the items we mention here, and not a generic brand from the bottom shelf of your local audio store.

8. JVC Kenwood Victer HA-SZ2000 

JVC Kenwood Victer HA-SZ2000
  • Drivers: 55 mm
  • Cable: Standard
  • Type: Over-ear
  • Freq. Response: 4Hz – 30kHz

Wish manufacturers could give their products more simpler names. All these numbers and letters are confusing at times, but one thing is sure. JVC’s HA-SZ2000 model is one of the best bass headphones money could buy.

It’s not extremely pricey right there in the middle of the pack and it provides one of the best bass experiences known to mankind. JVC is known to create powerful audio equipment pieces and it seems like they’ve focused all of their creative energy into this project and applied all the new and innovative technologies they have in store.

The 55mm driver with a subwoofer allows for this Japanese miracle to reproduce extremely low pitched bass tones with ease, but it seems like you’ll need to upgrade your home studio kit with a powerful amplifier and an equalizer, if you’re extremely picky, to get the maximum out of this item.

You’re risking not experiencing the full range of sounds the JVC HA-SZ2000 can provide when using an amplifier, so it’s probably a good idea to invest in this useful tool early on.

The role of an equalizer is to take the sound signature closer to the V curve because the original version of the headphones will strongly emphasize low bass tones, directly overpowering mid and high tones. This is excellent for bass heads looking for a strong bass line, but it can be very disappointing to music professionals and people that just love a clear and quality sounds.

The design is pretty much standard, but you’ll need to get used to wearing a heavier pair of headphones on your head because the HA-SZ2000 packs two drivers beneath each earpad.

The first tiny speaker has a 50mm radius and is responsible for reproducing low fidelity tones, which makes it a sort of a subwoofer. The second driver is only 33mm and is used to play high pitched tones.

This is an unusual setup for a pair of headphones and that’s why this is one of the heaviest products on the list, but this doesn’t mean you won’t be able to use it properly.

What would be considered as a huge disadvantage in most cases is actually a huge advantage for this JVC headphone set because it makes it a stronger and more durable piece of audio equipment that will take any beating you get it exposed to and it won’t break under pressure.

After all, there are four tiny speakers placed under the padding of each earpad and this type of design requires some room to work properly. Even though this makes the SZ2000 a perfect choice for home or office usage, the cord is extremely short (1.2m/3ft), so you’ll need to start thinking about getting an extension cord because the one that comes with the headphones isn’t detachable.

This is a good option for people ready to spend a decent amount on their new headphone set, but they still want to feel like they’ve made a good bargain. You’ll certainly get high-quality bass from the JVC HA-SZ2000, but you’ll also need to accept the heavy rugged design that needs help from a quality amplifier and a friendly equalizer to reach its maximum potential.

9. Yamaha PRO 500 

Yamaha PRO 500
  • Drivers: 50 mm
  • Cable: Flat
  • Type: Over-ear
  • Freq. Response: 20Hz – 20kHz

I always associate the Yamaha brand name with motorcycles, but that’s just me I guess. In reality this is one of the most successful musical instruments manufacturers of all  time and when you got so much audio equipment stored in your yearly catalogue it comes quite natural to have a solid line of headphones for bass lovers.

It’s true, Yamaha has produced some of the best cans we’ve seen, but they’re also known to set ridiculous price tags on them, so more casual music fans tend to stay away and go with a more economically friendly solution.

We have one high quality yet inexpensive solution for you, but we’ll talk more about our economy friendly winner later on. Now, let’s focus on the Yamaha PRO 500 and see why it’s one of the best bass headphones you will find in any audio store worldwide.

The number one reason why the PRO 500 is able to set industry standards is because of the perfectly clear and precise sound it produces.

You won’t get a heavy bass line overpowering every other sound on the scale. Instead, you’ll be able to experience deep sounds like they were intended to be produced, keeping in line with the V sound signature curve. The mids and trebles are produced with such clarity that it becomes even more enjoyable to keep an eye on prominent lows hitting your ears hard every now and then.

The bass the PRO 500 is able to produce is extremely detailed, creating a chilling sensation when you’re listening to classical music for example, or any other music filled with various instruments producing different tones.

There’s no absolute sound isolation mechanism present, so when you’re sitting at home your family may have a problem with how loudly you listen to your music and when you go outside you’ll still hear environmental sounds just enough to avoid any accidents.

The design is bulky and it compensates for the lack of a sound isolation feature to some extent, but it may be too much for people that aren’t used to wearing heavy headphones all the time.

They look modern and are built in a manner that will allow you to wear them constantly without having to worry they’ll wear off after only a couple of months. These giants were produced to last, so durability shouldn’t be an issue.

These babies are great for professional users as well as amateur audiophiles, so people with a deeper pocket can get them without hesitation. They’ll provide a deep bass line while being able to reproduce some of the clearest and most honest sounds you’ve heard. This is as close you’ll get to the V-shaped sound signature and the best thing is you won’t need to get an equalizer or amplifier to get the max out of these bass headphones.

10. Sennheiser HD201

Sennheiser HD201 - Budget Friendly Solution
  • Drivers: 30 mm
  • Cable: Standard
  • Type: On-ear
  • Freq. Response: 20Hz – 18kHz

If you’re looking for a more budget friendly solution, but still want to go with a Sennheiser model, this is what you want to get. Another great Sennheiser product that comes for a fraction of the price compared to other models on this list.

You’re getting a high-quality piece for under $30!

Now that’s some insane value we’re talking about, but how did Sennheiser manage to build such an economic solution and still get high sound quality reviews?

The secret is in the quality of built. Although there isn’t a strong leather-like padding on the cups they’re still pretty comfortable and you won’t notice a big difference between the strong plastic used here and with the more expensive Momentum model.

You won’t be getting the same sound signature as with other more high-end items on this list, but with the addition of a quality equalizer and a sturdy amplifier, you can end up with a blasting bass machine for under 100$, which we must admit is kinda rare.

These headphones provide a nice bass line that doesn’t go too deep, but at the same time manages to avoid conflict with higher pitched sounds, leaving you with a range that’s pleasant for almost any type of music. There’s nice soundproof isolation achieved through the usage of extremely soft ear pads yet the overall built feels a little soft.

That’s what you get for this price, but don’t worry. As long as you keep good care of your HD201s you’re safe, and they can end up lasting for years to come.

Generally speaking this is one of the cheapest and best headphones for bass you’ll find, capable of producing bass-heavy sounds without interfering that much with higher notes. Perfect for gaming and listening to music. If you’re a professional musician, you’ll probably want to look for some of the other choices on this list.

Buyer’s Guide

Headphones became a huge part of our everyday life with the development of modern technology. People can’t imagine that long walk home from work or the daily trip in public transportation without something banging in their ear. There are some of you that use this technological wonder as a tool allowing you to revisit the last lesson you recorded while on campus or keep a track of your favorite podcast.

Having Internet access almost everywhere we go has spoiled us, but the good side is that we became more open to exploring new possibilities. If in the past you need to go to the local audio store to check whether the last single from your favorite singer has arrived, today everything is available in only a couple of clicks.

You just need to plug in your headphones to your mobile device and you’re ready to go. Countless hours of music, audiobooks, podcasts, etc. awaits for you.

Having so many options to choose from, made us picky.

We’re constantly looking for the “best looking” bass headphones matching our style, but when it comes down to audio equipment we’re also trying to figure out what option provides the best quality of sound. After all, we spend extended periods of time plugged-in to our phones and iPads, that we can’t afford to rely on a low-quality piece of equipment.

You don’t want some low end $5 product from Alibaba that may end up damaging your hearing. It’s simply a good idea to invest in good quality bass headphones as they’ll last a lifetime. Just ask your father, he must still keep those headphones that came with the Walkman he bought in the ’80s.

When you realize and accept this, you’ll immediately run to your computer and start comparing different headphone types. It’s easy to lose yourself in the lingo of the industry and spend countless hours just to find out how you can’t decide between the last ten items you’ve opened up in your browser.

Don’t worry bud, that’s why we’re here to help you choose the best bass headphones money can buy.

Why Bass?

Doesn’t matter if you’re listening to Bach’s Mass in B Minor or you’re stuck to the last Noisia single, bass is present in each piece of music ranging from country-pop to death metal. That’s why even when you’re just looking for a nice and clean sound, bass plays an important role. There are also people, like me and everyone else here at OuterAudio, that would kill for some powerful bass notes raging from their headphones.

How to Choose Headphones with Quality Bass

You must be careful when looking for headphones providing high-quality bass because there are countless manufacturers heavily investing in marketing campaigns aiming to make people relate their product with a deep bassline.

Dr. Dre made an outstanding campaign for his “Beats by Dre” line where he associated his work with the product itself, making it more appealable to audiences following the hip hop genre, where a good bass is highly appreciated.

There are also tons of other companies on the market trying to establish themselves as leading “bass” manufacturers, but in reality, there are also some headphones you haven’t even heard of that can produce some pretty heavy bass. That’s why you need to get educated on the topic and learn what to look for when searching for your next pair of bass headphones.

Here are some headphone characteristics you need to be aware of when looking for a good bass:

Driver Size is Important

Yep, even with bass headphones. The reason why you would ideally look for a greater speaker area is because of high-quality sound reproduction. Contrary to higher-pitched sounds where a smaller speaker is sufficient (that’s why earphones can’t provide good bass but can be extremely loud), bass is a low pitch sound by nature that can be registered only on lower frequencies. This directly increases the length of an average bass sound wave, making it necessary for the sound to cover a little bit more ground compared to normal sound waves before it can be reproduced through your speaker. Have you noticed how big the bass speaker from your surround system is? This is the reason why.

Noise cancellation plays a role

It’s true how noise cancellation is great for any type of sound you’re planning to produce through your headphones, but it also has something of a special attitude towards bass production. Connected with the size of the speaker area, this cool feature allows for the headphones you go with to produce a cleaner and more powerful bass sound. It may be too much for some people that don’t want to feel isolated while listening to their music or have anxiety attacks when they can’t listen to what’s happening around them.

On or Over ear?

On-ear headphones allow your ear to break more compared to over-ear headphones, but most often there’s a huge difference in noise cancellation between the two. There are some on-ear-focused bass headphone brands that will provide equally good isolation and match the experience you get with over-ear models, so it’s important to be detail-oriented and find something right in the middle.

Frequency of response

Usually, quality headphones have their upper border above 28 kHz, but you want your model to also go under 30 Hz because this is where the really deep bass hides. The lower the frequency of response the better at catching really deep sounds your pair of headphones becomes.


The variety of headphones available on the market is astonishing. That’s why you need to make sure the pair you decide to go with fits your requirements and more importantly produces some deep bass.

If you’re not satisfied with the items available on the list, just follow these simple steps when looking for the best bass headphones on your own:

  • Driver size is above 40 mm and it potentially has a subwoofer installed.
  • There’s a noise cancellation feature that works well.
  • Isolation is good and you’ll usually be happier with an on-ear option.
  • Frequency response levels begin at least 20 Hz (lower number is better).

Now go on and get your bass headphones, you have all the information to make a well-educated choice. If you have any questions about ANYTHING, feel free to contact us at any time or leave a comment below.

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