BeatBlock WET Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

BeatBlock WET Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker 1

We all know that iconic scene in Say Anything where John Cusack proclaims his love for Lone Skye by holding a boombox playing “In Your Eyes” over his head. Anyone that wants to recreate that scene today to win over their high school sweetheart would be well advised to do so with the BeatBlock WET bluetooth speaker.

Not only is this speaker light enough to comfortably hold up over your head, but the sound quality and volume is great as well. It is also rainproof should you want to woo the object of your affection during a downpour for extra effect. Tech-Life claims that the speaker also has a bombproof synthetic rubber coat, so if anyone tries to silence your romantic proclamation with heavy artillery (our money would be on the father of the girl) at least the speaker will survive. All kidding aside, the BeatBlock WET is a remarkable speaker with a lot to like, especially for its price.


Sound Quality

The BeatBlock WET measures in at 6.5 x 1.8 X 2.5 inches, but this seem to hold back the sound quality. The speaker is able to output deep, thumbing bass without distortion and clear treble. Even at higher volume the audio quality remains solid which is something not all speakers are capable of. If you compare it with some of the larger speakers on the market, you will notice that it is maybe not quite as loud, but the small size and weight is definitely a good trade-off. The audio clarity is superior to a lot of speakers in its price category and if you want plenty of bass the BeatBlock WET certainly delivers. It apparently uses patent-pending technology called Bass-Resonation which is sure to keep the dubstep crowd happy.


Portable speakers are designed to be used in public so ideally you want to get something that you won’t be embarrassed by. Thankfully, the BeatBlock WET is a good looking piece of equipment that will draw envious glances. The speaker has a nice streamlined design with a honeycomb effect on the front. The honeycomb pattern looks rather fetching, but also means that you probably shouldn’t hold any outdoor parties close to an actual beehive. The bass would probably be enough to keep the bothersome buzzers at bay, but they might just decide to move in to the sleek, stylish honeycomb designs.

The hexagon design extends to the buttons as well which is situated on the top, right corner of the speaker. Things are kept minimal with only volume up and down as well as a Bluetooth button. There are no previous/next track buttons, but this is something that can be controlled from the audio device you connect to the speaker in any case. The power on button is situated on the side of the speaker, nestled between the auxiliary port and charging port. While I would have preferred to see the power button on the top of the speaker for easy access but this is a minor quibble. Flipping the speaker over reveals four hexagon shaped rubber pads for stability so consistency is definitely a strong point with the BeatBlock WET.


Apart from the aforementioned bombproof synthetic rubber coating, the BeatBlock WET is designed with a host of other features that make it suitable for rugged, outdoor use. According to Tech-Life, the BeatBlock WET is weatherproof and is fully functional in the rain or when splashed with water. Just take note that “splashproof” does not mean the speaker can be submersed in water so if you plan on going diving with it you can kiss your warranty goodbye. The speaker is very durable although we couldn’t any explosives to test the bombproof claims so we will just have to take the word of Tech-Life on that one.


The BeatBlock WET is light and portable which are two vital features for something that you will be carrying around with you. As with most of these speakers, Bluetooth is used to connect the speaker to your audio device and after the initial pairing you will be good to go every time your device and the speaker are switched on. The Bluetooth range is also sufficient so you can safely move about with your audio device without fear that the connection to the speaker will be lost. The speaker ships with a 3.5mm to 3.5mm TPE flat cable for those occasions when prefer to use a wired connection to your audio device. Also included in the package is a USB to Micro-USB charging cable and handy carrying pouch. We particularly like the charging cable as it means you can easily charge the speaker through a computer or even cell phone wall charger.

Despite its small size and light weight the BeatBlock WET has room to pack a Lithium ion rechargeable battery. This means you won’t have to constantly buy new batteries for the speaker and a single charge can last anywhere up to ten hours. Even when used at maximum volume the battery managed to last for over eight hours.

Pros and Cons

As you can tell from the review, I really like the BeatBlock WET and think that it is a solid offering for its price and size class. There is very little that I can fault about the speaker and I don’t think anyone will experience buyer’s remorse if they do decide to treat themselves to one.

BeatBlock WET Pros

  • The build quality of the speaker is excellent with a high quality rubber exterior covering the sturdy metal frame.
  • The clarity of the audio is crisp and clear even at maximum levels
  • Unless you literally plan on using the speaker from dusk until dawn the battery life is more than sufficient for any occasion.

BeatBlock WET Cons

  • The color range is rather limited.
  • The placement of the power button could be annoying to some users.
  • There is no buttons dedicated to track selection.

Even on a tight budget the BeatBlock WET is a speaker worth buying. The durable design alone means that you won’t need to buy a new speaker anytime soon and the superior sound quality is just the icing on the cake.

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BeatBlock WET Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

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