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Polk Audio Atrium 8 Speaker

Polk Audio Atrium 8 SDI Speaker Review

Polk is a well-known and respected name in home audio, so I always sit up and take notice when they release something new. This time they are offering the Polk Audio Atrium 8 SDI outdoor speaker, which is the flagship of this particular line...

Speaker Cables

Selecting the Best Outdoor Speaker Cable

Installing speakers either inside or outside of you home can allow you to listen to music or watch movies anywhere, anytime. From surround sound for watching movies in your living room to soft music playing on your deck, speakers can be a great...

Outdoor Speaker Maintenance

Maintaining Your Outdoor Speakers

Most people think that after mounting outdoor speakers you can just forget about them until they start giving problems or it is time for replacements. While this is true for some of the more resilient models that are water and weatherproof a little...