Audiovox Acoustic Research AW825 Mission Style Wireless Outdoor Speaker


The Audiovox Acoustic Mission Style Speaker provides to users a high quality performance and an appealing design. The mechanics of these speakers not only deliver a clear audio, but also a powerful sound.

This style of the Audiovox Speaker is compatible with the majority of electronic devices, and it provides listeners with the option of transferring audio content easily. The navigation on the speaker is extremely easy to understand. You can also choose to add another set of them to your outdoor area if you desire a full-on surround sound.

The following are Audiovox Acoustic Research AW825 Mission Speaker features:

  • AC Adapters
  • Duel Power Mode
  • Auto Lock
  • Tweeters/Roofers/High Frequency Response
  • Weather Resistant
  • Optional Broadcasting Frequencies
  • Compatibility with Bluetooth and Smart Devices

If you are a fan of music of films then you’ll benefit the most from devices that are both mobile and wireless. If you intend on moving your electronics around, and travelling with equipment, you’ll benefit the most from the Audiovox Mission speakers.

It also takes knowledge of equipment in order to know whether or not it does create a quality audio output. As we mentioned, if you love high quality sound, you’ll be extremely happy with the way these speakers will adhere to your needs.

Making the Decision to Go Wireless

The benefit of a wireless model is the added convenience. When a product also offers quality it is worth the initial investment. This individual model can transmit sound over 150 feet without having to connect to any tedious wires. Because you don’t have to use an electricity outlet you can place the speakers on your patio or in your garage without the added hassle.

This is by far one of the more prominent speaker models. They can be hung up on the walls easily which makes it appealing toward homeowners who want the equipment set-up permanently outside or inside of their home.

The weather resistant feature makes it safe to keep outside, especially around bodies of water such as a backyard pool. Regardless of the audio source you’re using, the Audiovox Acoustic Research AW825 Mission connects to video receivers, stereos, televisions, smart phones and tablets. It can also connect to computers, iPhones and music amplifiers.

For anyone who happens to be a “Tech Nerd”, you’ll really be impressed by the amount of quality these speakers boast.   The Audiovox Acoustic Research AW825 has a market price of $99, and considering how long they’ll last, you can be rest assured that it will be money well spent.

Versatility in Sound

What you’ll like most about these speakers is the idea that it can contour its sound to the device you have connected it to. At times you’ll use these speakers to watch a movie in your room, or away from your home. It’s amazing to hear mobile sound as if it were a large speaker set-up.

When you connect them to the radio, it’s just as clear as if you were to connect to a playlist on your phone or tablet. Being able to change what it transfers to will contour the sound output. This is impressive being that every device does require a sound adjustment.

There’s enough versatility in the Mission Style model that you wouldn’t even consider buying a different set of speakers for your movies or media playlists. Their versatility lies in the fact that you can set them up both indoors as well as outdoors without hassle.

Keep it Simple and Mobile

Being that we live in a technology based culture it’s important to me to have something that you can travel with easily without having to worry about weight or heavy luggage. This is a speaker that you can use outside and inside. You can also transfer it easily from Point A to Point B. Users can hook it up it to any home theater system, radio, device or television.

It’s light, easy to store and extremely simple to install once you’re ready to use the speakers. How far the sound travels is amazing considering the size of the Acoustic Research Mission Style. You can listen to music on the devices while you are running on a loud treadmill and it still doesn’t get in the way of the projected sound.

By using it wirelessly double AA batteries are required. You’d think that with the loud sound output the speakers would eat through the charge. Oddly enough, they maintain the life of the battery. You don’t have to continue re-using batteries to maintain the wireless sound; although, it’s always beneficial to invest in AA’s that are rechargeable so that you don’t have to worry about purchasing new ones repeatedly. (This is also a great way to be environmentally friendly.)

There are no Usage Restrictions

There are a lot of people who don’t consider using the AW825 Acoustic Research Speakers for anything other than media purposes but it can be used for outside events. If you ever hold meetings for business, sports, or organizations these are fantastic to use for music or to speak in front of a large group of people.

The sound is clear and concise enough that if you wanted to use the speakers for promotional or corporate purposes you could do so easily.  These speakers are highly suggested as they are perfect for both business and home owners alike. Not to mention, they work well with a variety of budgets.

It’s Worth the Purchase

If you prefer these speakers due to the fact that they are durable and meet your traveling needs, then these are the way to go. In terms of sound, these features are extremely important. Whether you are on a business trip, or want to enjoy a movie around the comfort of your own home, these speakers can get the job done.

Purchasing these speakers without having to worry about grabbing additional external devices or wires will add a lot of simplicity to the setup process, making them highly recommended for even the least “tech-savvy” individuals.


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