Acoustic Research Portable Wireless Outdoor Speaker (AWS53S)


Perhaps the main reason for investing in Acoustic Research Portable Wireless Speakers is for convenience purposes, but to obtain the perfect sound when using all of your electronic devices. With the freedom to use the speakers anywhere, you can easily connect the set to each and every one of your gadgets using Bluetooth, wires, or frequency transmitters.

Opening the product will be quite a relief, especially since the majority of your purchases tend to lead you back to the store to buy a separate accessories that should have come with the original packaging. The power adapters or 6 AA batteries can be used to power up the speakers although you’d have to purchase the batteries separately.

If you are looking to invest in the same model, you can expect the following components to come together as a boxed purchase:

  • Speakers
  • Transmitter
  • Adapters
  • Mini jacks
  • RCA connection cable
  • User’s Manual

Audio Connections and the Initial Set-Up

The Acoustic Research Wireless Speakers work in two modes: radio frequency or Bluetooth. The set-up for both of these is extremely quick and easy. With the Bluetooth all that you need to do is push the power button and switch the LED correspondence to the correct sound hook-up. When the light is blinking on the device, it’s searching for the designated signal, and when the signal turns green, it indicates that both devices have been activated correctly.

You can easily set the speakers up by turning them on, switching the LED correspondence and making sure that the sound is streaming from the correct device. The best part about these wireless speakers is the idea that you can use them outdoors on your patio and hear sounds clearly without background noise.

If you’re a movie fanatic, and love hearing crisp, clean audio clips when watching films, you should definitely consider investing in these speakers. You can be very satisfied with the product when you use the hook-up to watch a movie for the first time. By using batteries in the speakers, you don’t have to worry about a power source or outlet.

It works great with any device, and you can also invest in more than one Acoustic Research speaker to designate the left and right sound. Some people may be initially worried about having a clear signal, as it’s common to invest in these types of devices only to find out that there is a muffling sound in the background.  Fortunately, you will be able to use the radio frequency and hear it clearly, even when you are a few rooms away from the audio output.

The Sound and Durability

When speakers don’t deliver universal acoustics, it probably isn’t a quality investment. You should not only rate this product well because of its ease, but because of its diverse audio deliverance. There is more than one sound setting to choose from which can deliberate the audio more effectively if you are outside where there are less walls for the sound waves to bounce off of.

If you have a pool in your backyard, it’s important for you use equipment that is durable and waterproof. The Acoustic Research Portable Wireless Outdoor Speakers are completely resistant to water and weather conditions. The tones are clear, speakers are durable and you can really enjoy being able to mount them conveniently.

Sellers and Speaker Designs

The equipment can be purchased in various colors and designs. You can choose one with or without Bluetooth depending on what you’ll use it for the most. The product can be purchased online or at a media/home improvement store.

It should be refreshing for you to finally invest in a reasonably priced speaker that will be able to connect to all of your entertainment devices. You’ll be happy to say that it produces the same quality sound outside and inside of your home.

Ironic to the punch of its sound, the speaker is quite elegant looking – weighing no more than 5 pounds. The portability comes in handy when you want to travel, although you may have limited space in your duffle bag. There’s also a handle on the top of the equipment which makes it easy to carry around.

The tweeter on the speakers uses a voice coil that suspends in a magnetic field. The coil is approximately 2 inches long, allowing the device to create high frequencies. The woofer is 3 inches long producing lower frequencies (perfecting the base and providing a full production of sound.)

A Five Star Audio Investment

The company that manufactures the Acoustic Research equipment is Audiovox. From the experience that you’ll have, you’ll likely end up being convinced that their customer service is one of the best in the industry.

The speakers come with a one year warranty, and if you find a problem with the product you can contact them for a replacement purchase. It’s always nice for you to be able to speak to customer service without having to wait on the phone for hours as well.  You also have the option of emailing the company and downloading the manual online in case you lose your physical copy.

After having family and friends over you’ll have plenty of loved ones go invest in the same speakers. Initially, they’ll be surprised to hear such a clear and concise sound come from such portable equipment. You should feel that the price is extremely reasonable considering the audio power.

The Acoustic Research Portable indoor and outdoor speaker sounds fantastic and it’s a benefit that it is visually appealing. You will come to admire the design and appreciate its versatility being that you likely tend to use your media and electronics more than anything.

This product is highly recommended, especially for anyone who is looking for an empowering sound and a cutting-edge appearance. After investing in this product you’ll have also taken a liking to other devices from the same manufacturer. It is suggested that Acoustic Research and this speaker model are among the best models in the industry today.


4 thoughts on “Acoustic Research Portable Wireless Outdoor Speaker (AWS53S)”

  1. Hello, the blue light won’t stop blinking and the speaker turns off after about a minute of playing. I tried hooking up the blue tooth option and I think I messed something up. I actually have the AWSBT4 Acoustic Research speaker, how can I reset the light?

    • Hi Veronica,

      When the blue light is blinking the speaker is in Bluetooth pairing mode. When it stays solid blue the pairing was successful and you can play audio. I’m not sure why the speaker turns off and have reached out the Acoustic Research about it, if they reply I will post it here.

  2. When I have two connected and on party mode one flashes the other is a solid color. Is that normal or can both flash on party mode when connected?

  3. When I turn mine on, it is just quickly blinking with blue light & there is nothing I can do, like it’s stuck. I have the AWSBT1. Can u help me?


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