Acoustic Research Outdoor Speakers

Acoustic Research Outdoor Speakers

Acoustic Research may not be a household name such as Bose or Yamaha, but it’s in fact a company with long tradition and multiple notable, even pioneering efforts in the audio domain. Founded way back in 1952, Acoustic Research and the Acoustic Research Outdoor Speakers range is currently owned by Voxx International, formerly known as Audiovox. Their best selling outdoor speakers model is the AW825 mission style outdoor speaker.

When it comes to outdoor speakers, the company garners a distinctive design and draws a niche crowd of its own. As always, the specific devices have their ups and downs, so check out the points below to get somewhat of an overall idea.

Acoustic Research Outdoor Speakers

Acoustic Research Outdoor Speakers Pros

  • Portability – These are the speakers you can carry anywhere with ease. Each model uses wireless technology and is very light, easily fetching Acoustic Research outdoor speakers the highest marks in the convenience department. Each of the models is light and easy to carry around, yet durable enough to withstand rough weather conditions.
  • Price – Most of the company’s devices are available for anywhere between $90 and $150, and taking the overall quality you get into consideration, it’s definitely a fair price. Of course, this only applies if you value portability as one of the most important features.

Acoustic Research Outdoor Speakers Cons

  • Power – The company’s speakers were made to be lightweight and easy to transport. So although the sound quality is definitely at high level, as well as durability, the power department had to take a few cuts. Therefore, Acoustic Research outdoor speakers are not what you need if you’re looking to crank the tunes up to 11. The standard featured strength is 5 watts of nominal power, which is perfect for speakers on-the-go, but hardly for any serious business.


If Acoustic Research outdoor speakers still have your attention, we’ll proceed to the specific models to give you further insight of what might suit you best. The company’s official website lists a total of 10 different outdoor devices, so we’ll just make a brief rundown of the most prominent ones. Check them out below.

Acoustic Research AWSBTSK Speaker

Acoustic Research AWSBTSK Wireless Outdoor Speaker We’ll kick it off with one of the company’s best-sellers. AWSBTSK is a highly-portable four-pound device able to deliver five watts of power within a 30 feet radius. Available for anywhere between $75 and $100, AWSBTSK gives good value for money and is able provide you with 14 hours of work.

Featuring 13.9 x 7.4 x 8.4 inches size and a slick design, AWSBTSK is powered by six AA batteries and includes an AC adapter if outlet is available. Although the radius isn’t exactly its strong point, the device was configured in a way to deliver effective performance on the go. Therefore, concise is the word of the day as far as AWSBTSK goes.


Acoustic Research AW825 Speaker

Audiovox Acoustic Research AW825 SpeakerThis one stands out with its stylish outdoor design, as well as high portability, similar to the company’s other devices. AW825 is very durable, waterproof and able to withstand solid physical damage. It comes with a 13.9 x 7.4 x 8.4-inch size and a six-pound weight, making it somewhat bulkier than the AWSBTSK model. The five-watt nominal power ranks the speaker among the company’s standard outdoor models.

As far as the technical details are considered, the device features a 40 – 15,000 Hz frequency response and a 150-feet signal range. The manufacturer guarantees a 10-hour battery life through the use of six AA batteries. After taking all factors into consideration, the $100 price tag seems just about right for AW825.

Acoustic Research AWS63S Speaker

Acoustic Research AWS63S Portable Wireless Outdoor SpeakerRounding up the Acoustic Research outdoor speakers representatives, the AWS63S model is a bit pricier than its peers and drops with a $140 price tag. The device compensates its price with a sturdy built able to withstand any kind of harsh outdoor conditions. The 900 MHz wireless transmitter enables a 150-feet radius, usually more than enough for the placement of your audio source.

The 0.14-inch jack allows the user to connect the speaker with a vast array of standard music devices, ranging from MP3 players to modern smartphones. As for other notable technical details, a two-way acoustic design and a bass boost are also included, providing high-quality sound within the given range.

As a final note, Acoustic Research outdoor speakers come with a standard one-year warranty. Once again, if you’re planning to purchase a speaker to often carry around, Acoustic Research is the manufacturer you’ve been looking for. Each of the devices is as portable as they can get and even offer good audio quality, as well as a slick design to go along with.

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