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Acoustic Audio RS6GG Outdoor Patio Speaker Pair

Outdoor speakers come in all shapes and sizes, but this offering from Acoustic Audio has been designed to be as unobtrusive as possible. Obviously an ordinary speaker will stand out like a sore thumb when used in an outdoor setting, but this is not the case with the Granite Rock Patio Speakers.

As the name suggests, these speakers are crafted to look like granite rocks so, unless you know what to look for, you won’t even notice them. This design obviously limits their use to the outdoors only, unless you want to explain to guests why you have rocks in your house, but it is certainly a more elegant solution than some of the more flashy outdoor speakers available.


Acoustic Audio RS6GG Sound Quality

Although not the loudest outdoor speakers on the market, the Acoustic Audio RS6GG perform quite admirably considering that they look like chunks of granite rock. In the world of speakers, bigger is obviously better as with the smaller speakers you tend to lose a bit of punch when it comes to the bass. These speakers do pack 4″ woofers, but you probably won’t have to worry about the audio waking up your neighbors due to the volume. The 1/2″ Mylar Dome tweeters are ferrorfluid cooled which helps to combat distortion at higher levels. Using a couple of these Acoustic Audio RS6GG speakers around your outside area should be sufficient to provide good coverage and decent sound quality. If you want to up the volume, you would have to invest in some bigger speakers, which will of course not blend in as well as these ones do.


The most striking design aspect of the Acoustic Audio RS6GG speakers is obviously the shape, which is engineered to look like a granite rock. The grille on the front might give the game away upon closer inspection, but from behind the speakers are virtually indistinguishable from an ordinary rock. If you have poor eye-sight you might want to ensure that you remember where you placed these speakers, especially if you have plenty of granite rocks in your garden. The speakers are unfortunately not wireless so you will have to figure out how to discretely connect them to your audio system. There is not much point in using speakers that blend in with their environment if you are going to have unsightly wires cluttering up the place. If you plan on using the speakers outdoors in the garden next to the pool, barbeque or Jacuzzi you might want to consider digging a trench and using some flexible conduit instead of simply burying the wires. This will combat corrosion and ensure a longer lifespan for the speaker wire which means less time wasted digging up your garden replacing them.


As you would expect from speakers that look like chunks of granite, the RS6GG speakers are quite durable. Unlock many outdoor speakers that are only weather resistant, these speakers are weatherproof as well as waterproof. They are able to withstand salt, rain, snow, ice and even pool chemicals and still keep on going, so it will take a lot of abuse from the elements before you would have to think of replacing them. The speakers thank their durability to the silicone sealed glass-reinforced resin enclosure that protects the interior components. Bear in mind that the speakers only look like rock, they are not actually made of rock, so don’t try skipping them across the pool or kick them. With that being said, the speakers have been designed and engineered in the USA so they won’t just fall apart.


The Acoustic Audio RS6GG speakers are wired instead of wireless so, depending on where you want to use them, you will have to think carefully about how to set up the wires. As they do not use batteries you won’t have to worry about the music disappearing half-way through your pool party due to flat batteries.

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