Acoustic Audio 251W (White) Indoor-Outdoor Speakers

Acoustic Audio 251 Indoor/Outdoor Speakers

Outdoor speakers often sacrifice features for portability and durability, but this is not the case with the Acoustic Audio 251W Indoor/Outdoor speakers. With these speakers, Acoustic Audio has created a product that looks just as at home outside as inside your house and with decent audio quality to match. Unlike typical portable speakers, these ones come in a pair so you get great stereo separation.

Although the indoor/outdoor speakers aren’t something that you are going to want to carry around with you everywhere, they do have many practical uses in and around the house.


Acoustic Audio 251 Sound Quality

While not very big, these 251W speakers can still deliver the goods when it comes to audio quality. The speakers are not only able to output sound that is rich, but also do so with a fair amount of volume, so do not underestimate this set because of the small size. Of course, as with any speakers of this size, the bass isn’t exactly going to knock your socks off, but if that is what you want then you will definitely have to budget for bigger equipment. Even when these speakers play near top volume they do not exhibit the distortion that is the hallmark of cheaper brands with low cost components. Let me put it this way, you are probably not going to be able to hold a outdoor rave with these speakers, but a small pool party or for playing tunes around the barbeque, they will suffice.


Instead of some of the bizarre and outlandish designs that I have seen from speakers that want to draw attention, particularly the portable ones, the Acoustic Audio 251W instead plays it safe. The traditional design is meant to discreetly blend in with the surroundings of the speakers, although some might call the plain look a little dreary. The casing is cast-aluminum, with a steel mesh grill protecting the speakers inside.

The size of the speakers makes them perfect to tuck away inside a bookshelf or somewhere out of the way while you listen to the tunes. Thanks to an emphasis on function over form, these are not speakers that you are going to show off to your friends, but this hardly matters if you are only concerned about decent audio quality.


While the Acoustic Audio speakers are probably not going to win any design awards, they are fairly sturdy and can be used outdoors without any hassles. The speakers are designed to be rust-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about setting them up in areas with moisture such as the bathroom or near the pool. You definitely won’t want them to get totally soaked though, unless you like spending cash on replacement speakers. The speakers do come with a lifetime warranty, but this is only against manufacturers’ defects and not physical abuse. The speakers look sturdy enough, but you will probably want to avoid dropping them if you want to keep the casing free of dents and scrapes.


When it comes to features, the Acoustic Audio 251W speakers play audio and that is pretty much it. Connectivity is wired, so they are a little less convenient than Bluetooth speakers, but on the other hand you have none of the worries about battery life. The speakers come with the brackets needed to mount them and the process of doing so is relatively simple, even for the DIY impaired. A quick tip for anyone that wants a little bit more bass out of these speakers is to mount them on a wooden surface. If you plan on using these speakers outdoors, it is also recommended that you apply a bit of silicone over the connections that are attaching the wires.

Pros and Cons

The Acoustic Audio 251W Indoor/Outdoor speakers are aimed at people who know what they want out of their audio equipment. These speakers are designed for quality audio in a sturdy package and that is exactly what they deliver.

Acoustic Audio 251W Indoor/Outdoor Speaker Pros

  • These speakers are weather resistant and can be used outdoors.
  • Works just as well in an indoor environment.
  • Mounting brackets are included for easy mounting.
  • Perfect fit for bookshelves and other discreet locations
  • Decent sound quality for a small set of speakers.
  • Wired connectivity so no need to worry about batteries

Acoustic Audio 251W Indoor/Outdoor Speaker Cons

  • Depending on your taste, the no-thrills design can seem a little bland.
  • No Bluetooth connectivity support limits the portability of these speakers
  • Bass quality not as great as with larger speakers

While not a product that is aimed at audiophiles that demand superior sound quality and tons of features, the Acoustic Audio 251 Indoor/Outdoor speakers deliver decent audio in a sturdy package. If you want a product that has more features you can expect to pay a lot more.

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