Acoustic Audio 151W Indoor-Outdoor Speakers

Acoustic Audio 151W Indoor/Outdoor Speakers

The Acoustic Audio 151W Indoor/Outdoor speakers, like its brother, the Acoustic Audio 251W, is a straightforward, no thrills set of equipment. This is the kind of speakers that you buy if you want something that you can mount either indoors or outdoors and then use without worrying about maintenance.  Depending on the environment that you want to use these speakers in, these might be a good choice for your budget.


Acoustic Audio 151W Sound Quality

The size of these speakers is only 5.5 x 5 x 7.5 inches so don’t go expecting stellar audio quality, especially when it comes to bass. Don’t get me wrong, these speakers can still pump out music at a surprising volume, but when used outdoors I don’t think you will get too many noise complaints from the neighbors. Smaller speakers usually suffer from a lack of pronounced bass and the Acoustic Audio 151W speakers are no exception. These speakers have the power to fill a small room such as a garage, bathroom or kitchen, but you can expect the sound to thin out a bit when used outside or in a wide open area. They can still deliver some nice background music, but if you plan on entertaining a large group of people with some loud music you may want to bust out bigger speakers for the occasion.


The design of the Acoustic Audio 151W Indoor/Outdoor speakers is just as straightforward, no-thrills as the other models from Acoustic Audio.  The company definitely seems to favor function over form and that is fine with me. Simply put, if you prefer speakers that look like speakers and not some futuristic gadget or rock, then you won’t be disappointed with these ones. As I have said before about these types of speakers, they are great for pumping out decent audio, but the overall design is probably not going to be wowing your friends.

Apart from the Acoustic Audio text on the bottom-front of the protective grating, the speakers are plain and unadorned. In all honesty, these are the type of speakers that you keep tucked away discreetly out of sight while everyone enjoys the music, instead of trying to focus any attention on them. If you enjoy showing off the design of your speakers as much as the audio, then you will probably have to look elsewhere.


The Acoustic Audio 151W speakers can be used indoors as well as outdoors so you can expect a fair bit of durability from them. The speakers feature deluxe rust-resistant steel protective gratings so they won’t fall apart if you use them outdoors in the elements. Rusting and flaking should also not be an issue if you use the speakers in moisture-rich environments. According to Acoustic Audio, the speakers are ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, pools and spas among other uses. The mounting hardware that comes with the speaker is also pretty sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about it tearing loose and falling if you connect everything correctly. Bear in mind that these are wired speakers, so make sure that when you install it the wires are safely tucked away to avoid accidents. You don’t want anyone tripping over the wires or pets gnawing them to pieces.


The Acoustic Audio 151W Indoor/Outdoor speakers are passive, so there is not much to say when it comes to features. As I have mentioned previously they connect with wires, so there is a bit more hassle involved with placement than with Bluetooth connected speakers. You don’t have to worry about battery life or fiddling with buttons however, so the speakers can be mounted out of sight.

Speaking of mounting, the Acoustic Audio 151W speakers include universal mounting brackets which make it a breeze to mount them somewhere that guests can’t trip over them. The speakers are reasonably heavy for their size, but the brackets are more than up to the task of securing them in place, provided you install everything correctly, of course.

Pros and Cons

With the Acoustic Audio 151W speakers you are looking at a product that gives you the option to be used indoors or outdoors without requiring you to bust open the piggybank. They are not exactly lookers, but when it comes to audio quality they perform admirably for their size. They are wired, so you probably won’t want to take them along on the camping trip, but they do come in very handy in and around the house.

Acoustic Audio 151W Indoor/Outdoor Speaker Pros

  • Durability is not an issue as these speakers are meant for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Includes a sturdy mounting bracket to keep speaker out of harm’s way.
  • Sound quality is decent for relatively small size of speakers.
  • No range or battery life worries thanks to wired connectivity

Acoustic Audio 151W Indoor/Outdoor Speaker Cons

  • The speaker design is not exactly eye-catching
  • Wired connectivity requires more care with placement than wireless.
  • The bass is not as pronounced as with bigger speakers.

The Acoustic Audio 151W Indoor/Outdoor speakers are great if all you want is some decent audio playback in and around the house. It doesn’t exactly have a lot of features but, considering the price, you really can’t go wrong with this speaker.

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